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Thermal Gloves for Touch Screen

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Wear touchscreen gloves to keep warm in the winter. The dual touch screen gloves are designed to work with your smart device to cope with the cold!

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Thanks to the revolutionary dual heating system, the glove has a heat reflection function that is 30% warmer than regular gloves. The weatherproof case is made of a hydrophobic, non-slip fabric, while the soft micro-wick liner utilizes the exclusive thermal wave thermodynamics to capture heat and adjust temperature to 40 degrees.

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The special treatment of conductive fibers allows reactive and precise gestures on your smartphone or tablet. They fit perfectly to your hands like a second skin when playing with your phone. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

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  • Always warm: 30% warmer than usual, regulates temperature to 40 degrees with exclusive thermodynamic heat technology
  • Weather resistant: Resistant to water, wind and snow
  • Double layer of warmth and comfort: weather-resistant shell + soft microfleece lining
  • Durable: anti-slip and anti-scratch
  • Comfortable: easy grip and excellent control like your real hands
  • Sensitive touch screen: responsive and accurate
  • Versatile: perfect for different activities: skiing, horse riding, etc.


  • Black color
  • Material: Weather resistant shell + Soft microfleece lining
  • Size: M-XL


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Thermal Gloves for Touch Screen

$32.95 $14.95

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