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Heat-Resistant Utensil Rest

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If you are looking for a simple kitchen tool that can keep your countertop drip-free, then this Heat-Resistant Utensil Rest is the best choice for you!

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This simple kitchen utensil holder lets you easily organize spatulas, tongs, ladles, and cutlery in one place while cooking. Its special feature is the integrated base with a raised edge that can prevent water, sauces & oil stains from flowing to the countertop. Keep your kitchen organized & drip-free as always!

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It can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher or with water. This ultra-flexible utensil holder has a minimalist design & a wide range of colors, which gives it a modern vibe & will match with different kitchens.

Make Kitchen Clean-up Faster & Easier!

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  • Essential Kitchen Tool
    This is a must-have product to rest spoons, spatulas, tongs, ladles, and pan lidswhen baking or cooking. It can also keep your utensils close at hand, which is very convenient. 

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  • Drip-free Kitchen
    It has an integrated base with a raised ridge to keep drips from staining your kitchen counters and tiles. It helps you keep the countertops clean and organized. No more extra clean-up.

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  • Functional Design
    Made of premium quality anti-slip siliconeto make it stay in place. It is heat-resistant, BPA-free, durable & flexible. There are 4 slots that can hold multiple utensils of different sizes at the same time. 

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  • Easy To Clean
    The silicone material makes it easy to clean with water or a simple wipe. It is alsodishwasher-safe.

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  • Size: 14.5 x 13 cm
  • Material: PP + Silicone
  • Color: Green/Black/Gray/Pink/Blue/Purple/Red/Orange

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Heat-Resistant Utensil Rest

$19.95 $9.95

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