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DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

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original?image - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

original?image - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

original?image 5febc72a9318be6a76c265bc59fd471f 6f2cdef5375e3cb765d784c76f071725 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

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original?image 300x300 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

*Recommend to buy “💝🔥ALL DIY LARGE SET(WITH 229 MOLDS)”,the selection is for everything❤️❤️❤️Including all colors 229 molds, and it is also a very decent gift!❤️❤️❤️

A hand made gift always sweetest for lovers,doing this with kids also provide family interactions. 🌸Various Shapes of molds can help you to design the perfect DIY jewelry!🌸

original?image 878874b8a72682f55d94d0d454dc87b8 80d0360d8a5543390454febf51e235c3 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

[Material]: Food grade silicone  And passed the FDA, LFGB certification
 Production of 

💎A perfect choice for DIY handmade lovers or those who are just new to resin jewelry making. It’s easy to use and a good way to store your memory.💎
original?image 5815c0e8b0a99eaa9db6df5d13715320 e3b3d6d78cf9804c1fd4773e6eb3bed3 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)
💎Use your imagination, try to do some unique and special resin jewelry like bracelets, earrings, pendant, etc. It will be a special and meaningful gift for your family, children, friends as well.💎
original?image 1346d5caa80043fddab323e871b67037 8faad6b331235ba8232b6f782ada609c - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)
💎You will get much fun and satisfaction in designing the appearance you want, being able to wear something that you made is really a cool thing.💎

original?image - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

original?image 480x480 300x300 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

original?image 480x480 300x300 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

【Demoulding in seconds, easy to clean】
-Silicone resin material, soft and flexible, second demolding without waiting, can be reused
original?image 9d31dbf360079b4c514a80e0181e418e 7772927efdcb282312bf10ab781c0030 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)
【Flexible and durable without deformation】
Strong flexibility, more durable, not easy to deform after repeated pulling, can be used repeatedly
original?image 5ccfd6ed387bbdbb26b10f2d6574c99e 4988ef7ee830da8af50fa1413d0906e3 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)


 Beautifully handmade: Perfect tools for making a great shape of earrings, necklace, bracelet, key chain, and other jewelry.

✅ Various sizes and styles: Oval, teardrop, star, heart, flower, etc., a variety of styles to meet your different needs.

✅ Safe and environmental-friendly: Non-toxic and environmental protection.

✅[Use]: Production of epoxy resin, plaster, aroma candle, diy baking, cake decoration, production of handmade soap, etc.

original?image 55686b08797fa376d51f59250f11764f 33aa7a0ece72379faf665239928305a5 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)
original?image 33ed289bc50f10b326d060b38d2bf33f 0eb9a3f36349713db57181c305ede437 - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)
original?image 2dba722e1ef94dde87902be2c776771b 8afbf718fae7e256d18e77e237f7f8aa - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

original?image 6b87d0bd613aa9174f88f6af8ea21e24 fd2fc752ce4bbf50fa9e56cf832fe50c - DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)


① Our epoxy resin inclues resin A and resin B ,only one of them won’t freeze , you need to mix resin A with resin B in 1:1,and then wait for freezing,how long it takes depends on its size .

② Please stir less than 300g each time and use it within 30 minutes.

③ Paint on the mold with pigment powder, and then pour in the mixed resin glue will be marvellou

Instructions for using silicone molds

What should I pay attention to before using the product for the first time?

Before using the silicone mold for the first time, it can be cleaned with clean water to remove surface dust. It can also be disinfected with hot water.

How to clean and maintain silicone products?

The product can be cleaned with a soft cleaning cloth. Do not use vegetable cloth, steel brush, etc. to clean the rough surface to avoid scratches and damage to the mold. After cleaning, place it in a ventilated place to dry. The silica gel surface has a slight electro-absorption, It will adhere to dust in the air. It is recommended to keep it closed when not used for a long time.

What should be paid attention to when the product is used in the oven?
The silicone mold can be used in the oven. It should be placed in the middle of the oven during baking. Keep a safe distance of 5-10cm from the heating tube. Do not directly touch the four walls of the oven to prevent the heating tube from damaging the mold. During the baking process of the multi-unit cake mold, cold water needs to be added to the empty holes without batter, and the empty baking will shorten the service life of the silicone mold


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DIY Crystal Mold SET (With229 PCS KIT)

$66.95 $32.95

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