BurnUp! Ultimate Cellulite Heating Spray


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Spray to target cellulite loss and re-shape your body in just 2 weeks!

BurnUp! Ultimate Cellulite Heating Spray is an innovative synergism that simulates fat burning to impart an excellent slimming effect against fat cells with frequent sweating, while improving the microstructure of skin to suppress the formation of adipocytes.


A US study* has shown that the unique complex of matcha & caffeine form active fat burners, which feature outstanding slimming properties, superbly strengthens the body silhouette and reduces the cellulite visible on the skin for effective weight loss.

*The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009



Strong & Visible Cellulite Control

  • Say no to the formation of adipocytes!

Shape & Tone Your Body in 2 Weeks

  • Strengthen body silhouette and reduce excessive curves

Effective Fat Burning and Weight Loss

  • Active fat burning ingredients help encourage sweating against fat cells

Enhances Metabolism & Circulation

  • Frequent sweating facilitates whole body’s circulation and encourages metabolism

Innovative Formula of Active Fat Burners

  • Matcha & caffeine contain outstanding slimming properties for weight loss


  1. Spray on the targeted body parts
  2. Apply twice a day (morning & night)
  3. Gently massage until absorbed
  4. Apply 14 consecutive days for a complete treatment


Size: 10 ml

Quantity: 1 pc / 2 pcs / 3 pcs 


1x BurnUp! Ultimate Cellulite Heating Spray


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BurnUp! Ultimate Cellulite Heating Spray


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