Azercay 100gr & Tea Bags Azerbaijan Tea From Lenkoran


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Azercay (Azeri tea) has been produced since 1996 by  “Sun-Tea”, an affiliate of  Azersun Holding. That is a blend of high-quality tea harvested at the tea gardens of Lenkoran and Astara regions, south of Azerbaijan. It has mild taste, delicate odor, and is special for its bright and dark-red color.  

Azercay is marketed not only domestically, but also exported to a number of CIS countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and etc.     

Initially known as and till nowadays advertised under the slogan of ?Our own tea?, Azercay has gained the absolute favor of consumers by opening them the taste of genuine and traditional Azerbaijani tea.   

The markets, today, are teeming with various tea brands, where there are no producers, but Azercay, which has nearly an unrivalled position to represent the genuine quality of Azerbaijani tea. Being product, which in many respects characterizes the natural taste and aroma of local tea, Azercay meets all demands of identified consumer groups. Therefore, the company has set itself a goal of serving communities where there is a strong preference for and true respect to local Azeri tea.

In the III and V-th World Tea and Coffee festivals, held in 2005 and 2007 respectively, the Azercay black brand won the gold medal and was awarded diplomas in the fragrant tea contest. In addition, Azercay?s  product has also been granted ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certificates for its full compliance with international standards and provision of high quality as well as for its conformity with hygiene and safety requirements.    

The art of making tea

Tea is part of the Azerbaijan?s national culture. It exists as long as we do.  No publicly marked events- from birth to death- do without that drink. However, unlike Japan, China and Britain, tea drinking is not necessarily a special ceremony in Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijani tea is drunk from the special glass called ?armudu? (literally pear-like glass). There is a teahouse, for sure, in every nook of Azerbaijan, where you can get mere tea, while in Azeri households that drink comes with various delicious sweeties, fruit jam and sliced lemon. 

This is what you are offered first when paying a visit to a normal Azeri family. Every family festivity in Azerbaijan starts with serving tea, and the drink is repeatedly served at the end. The Azeri tea is so nice and delicious that can even be served any time a day without special reason for this. It is very good for quenching thirst. Certainly, there are special techniques of making tea in Azerbaijan that one is ought to know. 

Take two teaspoonful of tea, as counted per a glass of water, and put it into warm and dry teakettle and then fill the kettle with boiling water up to ¾ -th of its volume. Put the kettle on the stove and wait for 6-7 minutes. 



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Azercay 100gr & Tea Bags Azerbaijan Tea From Lenkoran


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